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You need the right systems for your vessel, and together with our guidance, we can help you build a tool that is easy to use and provides you with the information you need.



What is SeaLogs?

We've created a digital logbook and fleet management solution for the Maritime Industry that connects everyone with one systemised, purposeful tool, to help their business grow and succeed.
Paper Logbooks have been around in the maritime industry for well over 400 years! The truth is, most people complete a daily entry and that's it. The next day, simply turn the page and start recording details for a new day. 
Using SeaLogs, we provide you with the ability to connect with your vessel/s at any time, keep updated on the status of your fleet and harness all the data recorded within - creating a powerful insight into your vessel, crew and maintenance performance. 


Simplified vessel management



Behind every successful maritime operation and boat driver, there is a great manager. 

Let's be honest, it is way more fun being out and amongst the salt-air on the water as opposed to sitting behind a desk pushing a pen around! We get that, as we're Seafarers too! We save you time by taking a results-driven approach, ensuring that you not only have the setup that you need, but that you are squeezing ALL the goodness out of your logbooks - at the same time enhancing safety, compliance, and efficiencies. 


 How SeaLogs can help you 1



Our Approach

Is a processes based system that starts with your Logbook and Maritime Compliance needs. 
Your Logbook is the foundation of your information recording. 
We know what it takes to build a successful and safe Maritime business and work with you to ensure that you have the results that you need. 

Easy to use


We’ve helped boat-loads of Captains, Masters, Skippers, Drivers, Recreational Boaties, Owners and Managers create a digital solution that works for them! 



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