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Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency...!

Sea Logs Electronic Logbooks For Boats. Fleet Efficiency

SeaLogs Electronic Logbooks: Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

If you tied up our staff, made us walk the plank, and forced us to pick one word to describe Sea Logs electronic logbooks, we’d be yelling EFFICIENCY in perfect harmony! We fully understand that whatever your role might be in a marine business, being efficient at what you do is of the utmost importance to your success. Whether you’re the owner of the business, the captain of the ship, or a seasoned deckhand, we developed our electronic logbooks with you in mind.

Let’s take a closer look at five reasons why we’re so proud of our efficient product and what it can do for you!

1. Electronically Accessible

No more are the days of digging through logbooks trying to find the information you’re looking for. SeaLogs electronic logbooks make it easy to quickly search and pull the data you’re looking for. Save time and money and most importantly the headache of worrying about where your data is.

2. Improved Data Transparency

Have you ever needed to look at your logbook but couldn’t because you were at home or away from your vessel? Access to data and valuable key insights about your operations and company information are vital to the success of your business. SeaLogs allows you to pull your data from anywhere, not just on the vessel where the paper logbook is.

3. Real-Time Updates

In any business, especially the marine business, things can change in the blink of an eye. With our electronic logbooks, you receive your data on your vessel in real-time putting you in full control of your operation. No more waiting for the boat to get back to the docks; your data is delivered electronically in real-time for up to the minute access.

4. Fleet Support

Dealing with handwritten logs and data for one boat is already a tedious task. But if you run a multi-vessel operation, you’re looking at a workload nightmare! We may be preaching to the choir already. With SeaLogs, all of your data for every vessel is in one spot in real-time. You can assure that the data is accurate and up to the minute as well as it’s electronically entered and stored. No more running boat to boat and hoping that in the process you don’t make a mistake. Efficiently manage your multi-vessel operation like a pro!

5. Customizable

One of the most annoying parts of regular paper logbooks like you can purchase from here, is that that they have to be made generically to fit any operation. Sometimes they’ll have all the fields you need to record but sometimes they won’t and you’ll have to scribble in somewhere to get the data recorded you want. Sometimes they’ll have so many different fields that it's data overload and makes you want to throw the logbooks overboard! SeaLogs takes care of this by allowing you to customize what data you want to record and how you want it recorded. It’s time to stop using an amateur tool to do a professional’s job.


If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and put more money in your pocket, try SeaLogs electronic logbooks today for FREE! Just go to http://www.sealogs.com and sign up now!*



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