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4 Reasons To Stop Wasting Time On Paperwork

Sea Logs Electronic Logbooks for Boats. Save the Trees and the paper

Time. It’s the only thing that keeps on passing by no matter what we do. Probably, many of us would choose to freeze it so we could buy a few more hours or even days for our business to get everything done, but unfortunately, we don’t have that superhero power. Why then, do many of us still spend our time so inefficiently, so unproductively, and are willing to waste it so freely? Here are our top 4 things to think about, and how you can stop wasting your time starting now!


1. The Importance Of Managing Time Management

Time management is the ability to effectively manage your time to create a desired outcome or goal. We all get an equal amount of time on every given day and that's 24 hours. The way you decide to spend your time is completely up to you but if you are truly driven and motivated to create a successful business, you will want to focus a portion of that, on the areas of your business that are the most beneficial and create the best results. 

If you are a Skipper, a Captain, a Master of a boat, then you are responsible for the legally binding and formal document - the Logbook. Are you constantly wasting your time on filling out repetitive data, trying to understand unreadable handwriting, searching through piles of documents or old completed logbooks for information? Are you gathering endless data from each and every individual vessel, having to wait for the boat to arrive back at the port to find out what has happened? If you had to tally up how much time you spent even rewriting down the date, over a week that time would add up, and at the end of the day, what are you doing with that information? My guess is absolutely nothing?! So I ask you to think about how well is your time being spent?


2. Automation

How often are you writing your name in the logbook? What about staff training or the daily checks, how long would it take you to find last months training information? Think of your time spent searching through documents and logbooks for that information. What if you could decrease that by 95 percent? It’s an enormous amount of time that you could devote to pursuing other meaningful tasks. Wouldn't that be nice!


3. Review For Success

If you want to succeed in a maritime business, you have to start analysing how you spend your time. Not only your time but reviewing your information too. Knowing your numbers is a key to efficiently running your business. Just like taking a boat out to sea, you wouldn't leave port on a 3-day voyage without knowing how much fuel you have in the fuel tanks, the same is true with your business. In order for you to know what direction your business is heading in, you need to know your numbers, and in order to know your numbers, you have to be constantly reviewing.


 4. Find Trusted Solutions That Work

As you are aware by now, and even exampled by reading this blog, the advancement of technology surrounds us today and more so than anytime before in history. That being said, that if you want to stay on top of your business then you need to adopt. If you don't learn about technology, then your business will be left behind! 

A vessel's logbook is the epicenter of its operation. It's the hub, it's the center of where all the action is recorded and stored. Up until now, this was all done via paper logbooks, however, after the need was created by a fellow Seafarer, SeaLogs - Electronic Logbooks for Boats was born. 

With SeaLogs you can efficiently manage your time by automating all the repetitive data in your logbook. Things like departure location, arrival destinations, trip times can all be pre populated. There are reports and detailed analytics where you not only have instant access to all of your fleets information in the one place, but you can pull detailed reports and know exactly what is happening on board in real time and at anytime! No more having to wait for the boat to return to shore. Not only that, SeaLogs will streamline and overall transform the way you run your business! 


It’s time to try SeaLogs paperless logbooks for FREE at www.sealogs.com (30 days free trial period with an opportunity to cancel it anytime).