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Reflections from Sea - in 2020!

Merry christmas from sealogs.

Looking back at the year 2020!

Well, 2020 has been a quirky year! There have been unusual challenges never experienced before, yet having the freedom to enjoy Christmas with our friends and family is an example of how we have all worked together to help stop the spread of COVID 19. We are extremely lucky to be in the position we are currently - and long may it continue!

What this year has achieved is the ability to pause and reflect on what we are doing. Assess how we are going, and highlight why we are doing things. This 'pause' has seen a movement towards transforming business processes with a digital solution. This empowers people to work in new ways and provides businesses with new insights. 

 "Forty-five percent of companies reporting a positive business impact of digital transformation also reported higher net revenue growth. (Deloitte)"

For the team at SeaLogs, it's been a busy year for us! 

Here are a few snippets of what we've done this year

Digital logbooks are easy to use onboard your boat

Faster, Better, Stronger!

We all need a little 'updating' from time to time, and SeaLogs is no different! We completed a large software update!
Software updates are vital because they improve the efficiency overall, enhance security, and ultimately improve user experience.


Easier to add a new vessel 

From adding your first boat to your 15th, creating the logbook config was a process that took time - so we have speed this up by creating 'Templated Logbooks' The great thing is that we can still tailor your vessel to suit, but we have a great template to work from now! 

SeaLogs new maintenance section

Maintenance module redesigned

We refreshed our previous Maintenance module with the new 'Inventory and Tasks' module, improving the workflow and flexibility. Now you can add anything from Manuals, Spare Parts, Safety Equipment, Documents, Certificates, and much more into this section! 

Cheers to our new crew members who are working at SeaLogs

New Crew Members! 

We have been excited to welcome Auckland based Mary and Sidrah to our SeaLogs Crew!
Mary is working behind the scenes in our software testing and user experience team, and Sidrah has dived right into our marketing.



Supported by a great team, each day we are sailing forward, we're innovating, we're improving and getting better than the day before! We have ambitious projects in the pipeline to help our customers grow and succeed in their businesses and boating!  


Sail To SeaLogs Now!

We really value and appreciate your continued support!
Wishing everyone a safe and successful Christmas and New Years! 


Otago/Canterbury/Northland, On Water
New Zealand

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