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SeaLogs' 2019 Year in Review & Vision for 2020

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SeaLogs' 2019 Year in Review & Vision for 2020

2019 was a great year for SeaLogs. Our Digital Logbooks and Fleet Management solutions have continued to evolve and our mission to revolutionalise Maritime Operators by transitioning them from paper and into a paperless future has been full-steam ahead.

Evolving with SeaLogs 

This year we have focused on enhancing our product to be more intuitive and user-friendly. This process will be on-going and will continually improve and your feedback is extremely valuable to us. 

In-line with our roadmap – here is a quick snapshot of our larger projects for 2019:

  • Tug boat logbook, with Towline count and notifications around inspections
  • White-water rafting logbook, with reports on river flow levels and tracking events such as Flips, Wraps, MOB. 
  • In combination with Auckland Transport, we can now send Ferry information direct to their Command Centre.
  • New software upgrades (due 2020).
  • But there is much more...we have completed a whopping 218 tasks to date for the year, and the years not quite over yet...

So What About 2020? 

We have a huge year planned! Here is a snapshot as to what the future holds: 

  • A software upgrade to be released
  • Updates to our UI and colour scheme
  • Native app coming soon
  • New Website
  • Templated Logbooks
  • Vessel Tracking
  • Inspections and much much more...! 

Each day we're sailing forward, we're innovating, we're improving and we're getting better than the day before!
Join us for the adventure into a digital future!


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