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Introducing the Sailing Yacht of The Year - "Sybaris"

sybris sailing yacht

Sailing Yacht Sybaris was named the Sailing Yacht of the Year at the recent World Superyacht Awards.

Sybaris was the lucky winner of two awards in both the 40 metre-plus and the overall category. Coming in just on 70 meters (229 ft) in length, you can see just from the photo shown, that this was a yacht of great beauty and superb design. 

Sybaris is one of the largest superyachts ever built by the Italian craftsmen at Perini Navi, a world leader in the design and construction of superyachts.

The owner Bill Duker, wanted a yacht that was modern, but inspired by renaissance values, built with that attention that is born of art wisely conjugated with the detail of craftsmanship. 

Sybaris is a ketch-rigged vessel, with a 72-meter main mast, home to over 3,000m2 of sail area. Following its launch that place in La Spezia, there will be an intense season of technical trials so as to complete construction and delivery for in the summer (New Zealand's winter). 

The owner’s team introduced a dynamic, wave-like design of the steps on both sides of the cockpit to create a flowing connection with the open aft deck, while the overhang of the superstructure brow above the windows has also been eliminated to present a flush surface. Two carbon fibre tenders (a Limo and a Sport version) were custom-built by Cockwells of Falmouth, and these – along with a 4.5 Zodiac rescue tender – live in the recessed foredeck.

The Sybaris has a centerboard keel with a variable draught of between 4.5 and 11.7 meters. Her battery banks offer the advantage of a ‘silent running’ mode at anchor and while sailing. The owner brought in PH Design to create the refined interior design and décor, but their brief also extended to the open-air living areas. The Miami-based studio introduced the sculpted railings and other fixtures milled from solid titanium that appear throughout the yacht. The lustrous alloy is notoriously difficult to work and Perini Navi had to seek out specialist craftsmen accustomed to working on components for Formula 1 racing cars.

The open-plan layout, clean lines, and custom-designed furniture provide a crisp and contemporary style that acts as a muted backdrop to the bold works of art from the owner’s private collection. Inside there is an open-plan, full-beam owner’s suite flanked by a study space and day lounge. 

Sybaris is named after the ancient Greek settlement in southern Italy whose population was renowned for its pursuit of life’s pleasures.

Feedback from the World Superyacht Awards judges were that the superyacht is “Beautiful, capable, comfortable and technically advanced, this is a yacht that was considered supreme for its purpose.” The judges were also impressed by the sophisticated design of the interiors, with almost all the furniture and hardware in its palatial rooms built from titanium.