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The Power and the Need for Anticipation

Anticipation with Sea Logs

Sometimes some of the most profound statements are the most basic. Why? This is because as a society we have a tendency to like to overcomplicate things and look for more complex solutions when simplicity is the way to go. It somehow makes us feel like we’re doing more when the solution is more complex.

In reality, what should be most important is how well a solution works instead of how complex it is or how hard it is to implement. We live in a world where we tend to measure our successes by sacrifice instead of what we accomplished. For example, if you ask someone how a project is coming along, they might be inclined to tell you that they’ve “put 10 hours into it already” or they’ve “worked all day on it”  instead of telling you how much of it they have completed. They’re measuring their level of success by the sacrifice that went into it instead of the actual successes. 

As you may already be seeing, this isn’t a recipe for success. It might make you temporarily feel better about the work you’ve put into the project, but it’s not going to help you claim the successes you deserve. Shifting the way you view your work life will help you to greater appreciate these simplistic phrases that can be major turning points in how you conduct and grow your business.

As we climb down from our soapbox for that intro, we want to give you a very basic thing we heard during the creation of our product Sea Logs that has resonated with us. Though it is a simple phrase, it’s the reason our product is so successful in helping marine business owners succeed.

The best way to handle a problem is to handle it before it arises.

Yes, we know this is basic, but the power of anticipation especially in business can be the key to staying afloat. Our product helps to empower business owners to have more accurate information that is more readily available to enable them to make better business decisions. The key to handling problems before they arise is information. The more you can analyze the past and real-time information, the more you will be able to make effective decisions about the future to avoid possible pitfalls and problems.

Sea Log’s electronic log books allow maritime business owners to avoid a ton of potential business sinking problems with ease. The software assures compliance with all legal standards, provides detailed information on all vessels in real-time to improve efficiencies, and delivers safety and peace of mind of the vessel, the crew, and the records systems.

Eliminating problems BEFORE they show up is the key to being a successful business owner whether you are a maritime business owner or in any field of business. Finding the right information and tools to empower you to do this is a must and a must do today rather than tomorrow.


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