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Earth to My Vessel…Marco? Not Just a Kid’s Game Anymore

Sea Logs Elogs for Boats. Earth to my vessel Marco

It was my favorite game as a kid by far. Marco Polo was a game based on the famous ship merchant who traveled the world, specifically to Asia during the Middle Ages. The game is played in a swimming pool, where one person has their eyes closed and has to try and locate and tag any of the other participants of the game. Once they tag someone, they win, and the game resets with the tagged person now having to close their eyes and be the searcher. Sounds impossible with your eyes closed…Thankfully, the rules allow the searcher to yell out Marco and the other players are forced to respond by yelling out Polo. 

The Captain of the game is only able to complete their task at hand and win by using communication to locate the other players. Sometimes we feel like the game Captain in our real-world maritime jobs. We feel like we are wandering around a pool aimlessly trying to locate our ships by just yelling blindly into the darkness. Unfortunately, our ships and boats in real life sometimes aren’t required to respond or aren’t able to provide us information as to where they are and where they are headed. 

This can be detrimental to a maritime operation, not to mention the stress and pressure it puts on you as the Captain or owner of the operation. In the game of Marco Polo, the Captain is not left in the dark but is given a communications tool to help them succeed. In the real world, this tool is SeaLogs. Not only is the product effective in tracking data, increasing safety, and improving efficiencies, but it serves as a tool to help open your eyes and keep a constant watch on where your boats are at all times.

The technology allows you to know where a single boat or all of your boats are at all time, as well as where they have been and where they are going. If you’ve ever tried to run a business without knowing where all of your people and assets are in real-time, you can understand how important of a feature this is. Not only does this feature give you peace of mind, but it helps you to plan and coordinate your maritime efforts in real-time.

No longer do you have to wait for your boats to contact you. 

No longer are you pacing the docks wondering where your boat is?

No longer do you have to fear your crew’s safety when they are out on the job.

This one of many features of the SeaLog’s product can help to alleviate all of these fears and put you back in the driver’s seat of your maritime operation.


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