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Six Ways Inventory and Tasks will Improve Your Operation

Lets add our Inventory and Tasks



With any Maritime operation, there are fundamental elements that need to be aligned and constantly managed to run a safe and efficient Maritime business. Three of these include;

  • People Your staff - Admin, vessel, maintenance and support personnel 
  • Product What you are offering that creates value for your customers
  • Process The strategy and series of steps that are required for the people to run the product.

The one guaranteed aspect of running a successful business is that you will be required to change, that is if you wish to be successful. Technology and innovation are evolving faster than ever and today if you are not on the leading edge of what is going on in the world around you, you are falling behind.

The process is in focus, but the paperwork is the problem.

When you’re operating a commercial vessel there are 6 on-going vessel checks that you must be keeping up to date, these are:

  1. 1. Logbook
  2. 2. Certificates
  3. 3. Survey Info
  4. 4. Maintenance
  5. 5. Equipment
  6. 6. Operation Plans and Documents.

We’ve analysed each of these within New Zealand, and Maritime Internationally, and with our Inventory and Tasks Add-On Module, we believe we have created a one-stop-shop to easily track and manage EVERYTHING onboard your vessel right from within your vessels' logbook.


Quick To Setup

Add Inventory Items. This can be done via a bulk CSV upload, or individually. Input additional details, Categorise items, connect items with Suppliers.

Set up Recurring Tasks for Items.
You can create tasks based on Engine Hours, Number of Days/Weeks/Years, Expiry Dates or if you are a Tugboat, the number of Usages.

Add Ad-Hoc/Once Off Tasks.
A perfect way to capture Breakdowns, Improvements and any other individual Tasks.


Save Time, Reduce Costs and...

Save on the Paperwork

Consolidate your information all into one place! Your digital logbook is the epicentre of your vessel so it’s time to leverage that and pull in beside it all of your other valuable information. Before you even open up your logbook, easily identify when a Maintenance task is due by the indicating colour of the Task Status - Red, Orange or Green. Having the likes of your Equipment Lists, Spare Parts list and other Inventory Items held onboard, easily accessible all within your logbook, saves the hassle of turning the pages to find those lists that would otherwise be filed away in the paper manual.


Proactive Vessel Maintenance by Digitising your Maintenance Plan

Be proactive, instead of reactive! Keeping ahead of your vessel maintenance is a lot more efficient than having sudden interruptions with reactive maintenance (aka breakages or faults caused by lack of upkeep). With SeaLogs you can capture anything and everything from your Daily Checks, Monthly Tasks and Annual Tasks all in one place. Plan, schedule and extend the life of your equipment while reducing the overall operating costs of items.


Easily Manage Inventory Items

Our flexible approach will allow you to set up Inventory Items for anything and everything kept onboard or onshore! When adding an item, you can also record additional details such as the Cost, Quantity, Product Codes, Attachments, Supplier Details and more!
Group Items into specific Categories, making for lists such as Spare Parts, quick and easily accessible.


Assist your Surveyor

Surveyors are in high demand and their time is valuable (and costly!). By keeping your survey documentation and info in SeaLogs, you will save time and costs by having your data on-hand. Set up recurring tasks that align with the specifics set out in your Survey Plan and add an expiry date to your Survey Certificate for a reminder, prior to the expiry.


Increase Safety and Compliance

Conveniently set up recurring tasks for Inventory Items, prompting for inspections and regular maintaining of equipment to prevent breakages and malfunctions - minimising the risk of accidents and making the equipment safer for the operators and the environment.
Our completed Tables provide you with the ability to track the status of Tasks, making compliance easily traceable and reducing the risk of noncompliance with greater transparency.


Enhance Productivity

Access real-time information from your phone, tablet or computer at any time. Edit/Archive Inventory Items, complete Tasks, or add Once-Off/Ad-Hoc Tasks without the need to return to the office.

Upload Attachments to Inventory Items e.g detailed procedures, photographs, part information, quotes and more - providing you with everything you need, in one place!

Enough Said! Add-On Inventory and Tasks, please!

Inventory and Tasks will support and improve the way you undertake your operations by reducing vessel downtime and repair costs with enhanced transparency, better communication and overall improving efficiencies. Now Managers and Crew can collaborate together in a smarter, more productive manner.


Remove the need for duplication by replacing the middleman, Paper, by going digital today! To get started, jet to SeaLogs above, go to the Main Menu-Settings-Account and select the Inventory and Tasks add-on module.


Otago/Canterbury/Northland, On Water
New Zealand

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