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Multiple Vessels: How to Stay On Top of Things

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Keeping one vessel afloat is a big enough challenge on its own. For those of you that have operations with multiple vessels, the challenge multiplies. Keeping track of your vessels locations, plans, and data are vital to the success of your operation and the safety of your crew and operations.  This information is crucial for effective planning, regulatory compliance, training, and most importantly, crew safety. Unfortunately, most operations struggle to stay on top of this information and lack the processes and technologies to streamline the process.


If you’re passionate about your business, you can agree that most of us treat our business and vessels as our babies. For those that have ever had children (or babysat children), you know the most important aspect of safety is to know where your children are at all times and what they are doing. This can become a challenge when the number of kids multiplies. Without this information, everything else is forced to stop until you can account for the whereabouts and activities of everyone under your watch


The same reigns true for our vessels. Safety relies on a lot of things but most importantly is the location and direction of our vessels. Keeping an eye on one vessel is challenging, but keeping an eye on multiple vessels can become a nightmare without the proper technologies and supportive systems in place. This is where Sea Logs begins helping. Our GPS feature, designed as a “big-brother” feature for captains and owners, allows you to quickly determine the location of all of your vessels in real-time from one location. This not only offers peace of mind but gives you a clearer picture to help with scheduling and safety. There is nothing more dangerous than not knowing where your vessels are or where they are supposed to be going. This danger is not just to the success of your operation, but also to the safety of your crew and passengers, whom you are both responsible for.


Protecting your operation from regulatory issues and headaches is extremely important for a seamless experience. With regulatory rules being frequently changed, it’s hard for owners to keep track of all the changes and to adjust record-keeping methods to stay above board and keep their business safe. Thankfully, SeaLogs takes care of this for you. Never again will you have to worry about collecting the proper data in a method that is compliant with regulatory rules and procedures. The intuitive design of SeaLogs provides you with a smooth transition and helps keep you and your vessel information right up to date.


If you’re ready to take the next step in the complete control of your operations, it’s time to try SeaLogs. Allow our technologies to simplify your life and make planning and decision making much easier and more streamlined.


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