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Lost or Inaccurate Data Can Sink Your Ship

Sea Logs will propel your business forwards

No one likes doing paperwork. If you happen to be someone who does, you are officially one in a billion, congrats! For the rest of us, paperwork is something we dread doing. Unfortunately, data and records are the backbones of our businesses and the glue that holds everything together. It’s the driving force behind safety, efficiency, and keeping operations sailing forward.

In marine operations, data is often overlooked for years until it’s needed for something important. Sometimes, though, it’s too late. It’s easy to neglect record-keeping or the safety of those records and data. We’ve all been there; you’re not alone. Operations and “more important” tasks will pop up and get in the way, and record-keeping gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Traditional methods of collecting data and logs are not user-friendly and are certainly not tailored to meet your specific needs and unique business challenges. 

If you are able to get caught up on your data and record-keeping, the safety and preservation of that data become another issue. Paper logbooks can be easily lost or destroyed taking all of your vital information with it. Fire, theft and the elements can do a number on records that aren’t stored properly or backed up (a task that usually takes a long time).

Depressing blog post, right? We promise we aren’t trying to get you down or make you sweat about your operation. We’re simply trying to bring these issues to your attention before something bad happens, and you’re left with no way out and no solution. Don’t worry; we would never bring up issues without providing a solution.

SeaLogs provides easy to use, quick to implement technologies that will streamline and protect your data collection and data storage methods. SeaLogs electronic log books allow you and your crew to input vital log data electronically into uniquely tailored fields specific to your operations. This means that you’ll be able to input your data faster and make sure that you capture the information you need accurately.

Not only does SeaLogs make the process of record-keeping simpler and more efficient, but they help you to protect and store your data, and as all your information is entered electronically - it is automatically backed up on an external, off-vessel location. This means that if something were to happen to your vessel, your records are already recorded and saved off the boat. No longer do you have to worry about the elements destroying your information or worry about losing your logbook. Everything is stored digitally and locked away safe for you to view, whether you’re on your vessel or at your home or office.

Data safety is sadly a problem that most people don’t address until it is too late. It’s easy to say that it “won’t happen to you” or “you’ll get to it later.” Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Allow SeaLogs to help you streamline your operation and get your record-keeping up to standard before it sinks your whole operation.


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