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Exploring Is Not Only For The Outdoors...

Fiordland Water Taxi Adventure Starts Here2

Glacier-carved Fiords, Beech Forests, Waterfalls, Crystal Clear streams and rivers, Mirror Lakes and Tussock filled valleys stretching across an area of approximately 12,500 km2 in the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island, is the Magnificent Fiordland National Park.

Several Mountains tower to heights of 2,500 meters at the northern end of the park and scale the lower South Island. In the active lakeside township of Te Anau, is a family owned and operated business, Fiordland Outdoors Company.

Te Anau is considered the ‘Gateway to Fiordland’ and Fiordland Outdoors Co. (F.O.C) - hold the key!


Shed and boats wide 2


Comprised of a local, highly experienced, passionate and exuberant team, F.O.C offers a wide range of activities including trout fishing, hiking, crafted journeys and transportation, for small and private groups as well as independent explorers.

With tours operating from Te Anau to the Fiordland Coast and everything in between in the Fiordland National Park, you could say this team know the area ‘like the back of their hands’. But like all seafarers, the good times do not come without precautions. Introducing Logbooks.


Logbooks in the traditional sense of the term are books which are used to record the important events regarding the management, operation and navigation of a vessel. The logbook is a legally binding and official document, required to keep track of various types of information for example trip information, weather conditions, the number of people onboard and if any incidents, accidents or unusual events occurred.

Operating within the depths of the wilderness and often times in remote locations, an up-to-date logbook is integral to the operation of Fiordland Outdoors Co. With vessels often out on day excursions and with little to no reception, Management would need to wait until the vessels return to port before having access to their paper logbook. There had to be a more efficient way! While skippers and crew continued to explore the outdoors, Management took to exploring the web for a digital solution and discovered a new and exciting alternative – SeaLogs.


Now each morning the team digitally records their daily checks, trip details and any maintenance issues or defects. This is all saved up in the cloud and accessible from management 24/7.




SeaLogs is placed in the heart of the modernization process of Logbooks. SeaLogs provides customizable digital logbooks designed specifically to enhance safety, compliance, and efficiency through the streamlining of the entire operation process. This new innovative electronic logbook can be used easily by Masters while remaining sophisticated for Managers and Owners. This is the fleet management solution you have crossed many seas searching for.


SeaLogs is designed to enable you to connect with your fleet instantly no matter where you are; generate smart reports and analytics, track crew sea time, engine hours, fuel usage, maintenance, etc. In brief, SeaLogs will help you save more time and money by providing valuable key insight into your company and vessel operations through powerful reports and analytics generated from the data recorded in your logbooks.


Your business is not left to navigate the seas alone, SeaLogs sails alongside you during the transformation process from paper to paperless recordings. By providing reliable and customizable software that can be trusted, we make digital recording easier, intuitive, and purposeful. SeaLogs has helped multiple businesses such as Fiordland Outdoors Co. achieve the promises given.


The Fiordland Outdoors Company story is one among many. Digital logbooks are the future and the impact they can have on your business is astronomical. Make that decision to take your business to the next level by using SeaLogs now. Implement digital logbooks instead of paper Logbooks to your business today and get ahead of your competition by saving time, money and resources.


To get amongst the great Fiordland Outdoors - get in touch with the Team from Fiordland Outdoors Company today!