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It's Not Too Late to Own This Year!

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It’s Not Too Late to Own This Year!


January 1st is always an exciting and fun day for business owners. Sometimes, it’s a bit riddled with fatigue and a headache from a fun night before, but it also marks the turning of a new page. Although we’re in April, it is still a brand-new year, and it’s a brand-new chance for you to take your business to the next level, and there is no better time to start than today! There is just something about noting today's date on the calendar that demonstrates just how fast these days are racing past us, and that thought alone creates an opportunity and motivation to change up how we do things.

People, media outlets, and websites go nuts those first couple weeks of any new year putting out motivation material to try and inspire you to get the ball rolling, or the ship sailing in our industry. What they fail to do for us, though, is follow up and check on how we are doing. It’s a few months into the New Year right now, and this is your official notice to analyse your progress. Why now? We picked now because it is far enough into the New Year for you to have made some changes, but not too late that you can’t still get started and take control of this year!

If you’re a Captain or a Vessel Owner and are interested in jump-starting your business, you’ve come to the right place. We aren’t going to riddle you with cheesy inspirational messages about “setting your ship on a new course” or “turning the tides on your business.” Instead, we’re going to give you actual steps that you can take today to start turning the…we mean, start elevating your business. We can’t help ourselves sometimes with the motivational speak.


Step One:

Check out Sea Logs. Is it really that simple? How does checking out a product help elevate my business and turn tides and all of that stuff?

The answer is just as simple. Sea Logs is a revolutionary product that improves vessel safety, enhances efficiencies on your boat and operations, and makes regulatory compliance much easier. If you’ve ever used a paper logbook, you know they’re easy to damage, easy to lose, and impossible to pull data from. Sea Logs electronic logbooks protect your data by uploading it digitally in real-time up to the cloud, so it can’t be lost or damaged and allows you easily to manage and retrieve data to make smarter business decisions. Ultimately, Sea Logs pays for itself and puts more money back in your pocket while providing you with a birds-eye-view on your fleet and happenings 24/7. This means you can jump onto the reports section to track fuel usage, passenger numbers and more importantly be proactive with noticing trends and maintenance, instead of those surprising unwanted breakdowns and having to be reactive.


Step Two:

There is no step two, sorry, go back to step one. Madness! Yes, it really is that easy! This product will truly revolutionise the way you do business and help you to take control of this year. Imagine how you want to feel when December 31st rolls around. Do you want to be wishing you had done more for your business or do you want to be ecstatic that you took the time to put your business and your dreams first?



If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and put more money in your pocket, try Sea Logs electronic logbooks today for FREE! Just go to http://www.sealogs.com and sign up now!*




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