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Celebrating Women in Maritime

International Womans Day 2020


8th March. International Women's day

Women in Maritime: Developing A Career In The Maritime Industry

Who is Dani?

Hmmm ahh, my name is Dani, and I was raised on the west coast of the South Island. I never loved the classroom as a kid, So I knew I wanted to work outside from a young age. My influence came from places not people, strange I know, but the feeling you get from being outside with a bunch of wicked people in an incredible place affects the way you see the world. 
I knew I would always end up in Queenstown, I just never knew when. Now that I’m here there are so many opportunities outside of work that I think I’ll probably be here for some time now. What an awesome place to call my office, even when it's -4degrees….

How did you get started in the Maritime Industry?
I originally studied Outdoor Education and became a raft guide off the back of that, the company I previously worked for we rafted down the river and then jet boated back up. It was a natural progression of the job I guess, I never considered I would love jetboating more than rafting but here we are! 

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Being lucky enough to be on the river every day in an incredible part of the world, and getting to show visitors to NZ what I love. When customers jump off the boat and they are smiling, laughing and genuinely happy, that’s why I do what I do.  

Do you have any suggestions for other women thinking about a future in the Maritime Industry? 
Go for it, there's absolutely nothing stopping you! I didn't know of any other female jetboat drivers when I started out, but that never stopped me. It shouldn't matter whether your female, male or otherwise, if you are passionate about your career then do it, simple. And don't take comments from old men to heart, leave them in the 19th century where they belong. Hehe. 

Future, what’s next for you? 
Who knows! Working for SeaLogs? Haha. Nah, at some stage I would love to own my own company, but that's a while away. Near future looks like getting as many hours as possible on the river, gaining knowledge and experience. At 23 years old I’ve still got a lot left to learn, but I wouldn't want to be doing anything else right now! 


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