20th February 2020

Why is thorough Crew Training so important?

st john sealogs

Crew Training - who is responsible? 

Overall the Master/Skipper is responsible for: 

  • the safe operation of the ship on a voyage, the safety and wellbeing of all passengers and crew, and the safety of cargo carried
  • has final authority (while in command) to control the ship and maintain the discipline of all people onboard
  •  is responsible for compliance with all relevant requirements of the MTA, regulations and maritime rules.

It's important for the safety of everyone onboard, that regular, thorough Crew Training is conducted on all vessels, and done right! SeaLogs now has the ability for you to customise your training list to suit your vessel and operation. 

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Captain Rescues Crew!

Alaska resuce with Sea Logs

Captain of capsized fishing boat jumps from safety back into water to rescue crewman – The captain of a commercial fishing boat jumped back into 8 degree water on Monday to save one of his crewmen after their vessel capsized near Kodiak Island. 

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Multiple Vessels: How to Stay On Top of Things

Sea Logs Electronic Logbooks for Boats. Safety at Sea

Keeping one vessel afloat is a big enough challenge on its own. For those of you that have operations with multiple vessels, the challenge multiplies. Keeping track of your vessels locations, plans, and data are vital to the success of your operation and the safety of your crew and operations.

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