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A Tale From the High-Seas

poseidon topper

Calling all marine business owners, managers, and crew to the main deck! We’ve got a tall tale from the high-seas scary enough to send shivers down even Davey Jones’ spine and the main character happens to be you, Captain.


10:28 PM

3 Nautical Miles from Home

Seas 2-3 meters


You’re at the helm of your mighty vessel heading in from a month of jobs for the land lovers when suddenly you see it… a wave straight from Poseidon himself heading for your vessel. There is no fear though as you are a seasoned mariner but you brace for impact. The wave crashes into the hull on your port side and breaks over the bow of the boat. As the master sailor you are, you easily survive and the boat takes no damage. The only casualties overboard, a few pieces of left-over bait …or so you think.

You don’t realize it until you get back to the docks but the sea claimed another victim that day… your logbook. Lost in the sea somewhere you now find yourself in a sea of trouble and your business in a world of hurt.

R.I.P Logbook.

R.I.P All of your crucial data

One of the most critical pieces of any marine business or operation, large or small, is your logbook. It’s the key to your safety, compliance, efficiencies, and streamlining of operations. With this piece of equipment being so vital to the success of your operation, you would think it would be protected, backed up, and set up with respect to its crucial nature.

However, most marine operations still use a traditional and outdated paper logbook. There is typically only one copy of this logbook that is stored onboard the boat which is a recipe for disaster. If the logbook is lost, stolen, or destroyed, there is no backup or any way for you to recover this vital information.

Thankfully, in response to our terrifying story and the aforementioned issues, there is an answer. SeaLogs has developed and released electronic logbooks that provide marine businesses with unlimited and protected access to paperless vessel logs and information. No longer do you have to fear Poseidon or any other dangers to your logbook (fire, theft, carelessness, the elements etc). SeaLogs electronic logbooks are portable for convenience, loaded with predetermined fields of entry for efficiency, and electronically accessible from anywhere with secure real-time updates and data delivery.

All of SeaLogs electronic logbooks are also customizable to your specific operation and able to generate reports and provide data transparency to help you run your operation more effectively and efficiently. This ultimately means more money in your pocket.

The best solution to a problem is the one that corrects itself before it happens. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and put more money in your pocket, try SeaLogs electronic logbooks today for FREE! Just go to http://www.sealogs.com and sign up now!*


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