Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency...!

Sea Logs Electronic Logbooks For Boats. Fleet Efficiency

If you tied up your crew, made them walk the plank, and forced them to each pick one word to describe their current logbooks...a few words comes to mind "paper" "pen" "diary" "ummm...." 

If you had tied up myself (and don't try this at home kids!) but if you asked me to describe my current logbook in one word, you would hear me yell "EFFICIENCY" "EFFICIENCY" "EFFICIENCY!" and so much so, that those little veins on the side of neck would start to show!  

We fully understand that whatever your role might be in a marine business, being efficient at what you do is of the utmost importance to your success. Whether you’re the owner of the business, the captain of the ship, or a seasoned deckhand, we developed our electronic logbooks with you in mind.

Click on the title above to see our top five reasons why we’re so proud of our efficient product and what it can do for you!

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4 Reasons To Stop Wasting Time On Paperwork

Sea Logs Electronic Logbooks for Boats. Save the Trees and the paper

Time. It’s the only thing that keeps on passing by no matter what we do. Probably, many of us would choose to freeze it so we could buy a few more hours or even days for our business to get everything done, but unfortunately, we don’t have that superhero power. Why then...

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What To Look For When Hiring A New Skipper

skipper sealogs

Owning a boat doesn't generally happen by accident. You need a plan, finance and someone to manage and operate the vessel on regular bases. There is a lot to think about from ensuring the safety checks are being completed, the equipment is in service and the vessel is operated properly and kept in mint condition. Careful consideration needs to be taken when hiring a new Skipper. Settling for any old Skipper will likely end up wasting your time and costing you money!   

Identify early on who is a good fit and who is not, as when it comes to being a Skipper you only want to have the best! Check out our latest blog for our top tips that will save you time and extra expense! 

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How Many Engine Hours Are Too Many?

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You've been looking for a new boat for ages. You know when a new boat is up and listed for sale - although you haven't found a boat you really like...that is, until now! 

There she is, gleaming, glistening and if you listen carefully enough, she is calling your name! Have you ever been this excited before? 

You race in and book a viewing, however, your only concern is that the engine hours seem quite high. That can be seen as a good thing as it means that the boat has been used and pre-loved, but how do you know how many engine hours are too many? 
Check out this blog to learn about the tips and tricks you need to be able to distinguish a brilliant purchase, from a floating lemon! 

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Six Ways Inventory and Tasks will Improve Your Operation

Lets add our Inventory and Tasks

With any Marine business, you have jobs that need to be done. A Boat Maintenance Log is a great place to start, yet using paper is a thing of the past. You need a solution that gives you a status update in real-time and at any time! You need a solution that connects the vessel with the office. Check out our version of a 'Boat Maintenance Log' - called 'Inventory and Tasks'! 

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4 Ways We Can Repurpose Our Treasured Ferries

Digital Logbooks with SeaLogs

When the Government announced its latest budget with the funding allocated to replace our tiring Interislander Ferry-fleet, we wanted to share our thoughts on what can be done with the vessels once they are retired. 
Let's think of creative ways we can reuse, repurpose and take advantage of these vessels! 

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Coming Soon Near You...

Excitement is on the horizon

Progress is exciting for any business and for the Crew at SeaLogs, it's a big part as to who we are and what we're all about! Progress! 
We have had the opportunity to review, refresh and update our existing Maintenance Add-On module and create version 2.0 which is bigger, better and more flexible! Using the foundation of our Logbooks, we have created - Inventory and Tasks! 
This is a beast! With our one easy solution, you can now keep on track of everything from Engine Servicing, Supplier Details, Inventory Items, Tasks and much much more....even better - things aren't too far away either!! 

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Are You Squeezing The Juice Out Of Your Logbook?

Screen Shot 2020 04 22 at 11.26.33 AM 1

You can't have great tasting lemonade without squeezing the juice out of the lemons, just as you can't make informed decisions based on a gut-feeling. It's important that you have all the facts in front of you. 
With switching from paper logbooks to digital logbooks onboard your vessels, this is one key way to help the office-based personnel - such as the accountant, manager and owners make detailed decisions early, proactively and ideally prior to any expensive breakdowns or unwanted maintenance occurs! 

It's time for better business conducted digitally onboard your vessels....check out why in this article!  

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Why is thorough Crew Training so important?

st john sealogs

Crew Training - who is responsible? 

Overall the Master/Skipper is responsible for: 

  • the safe operation of the ship on a voyage, the safety and wellbeing of all passengers and crew, and the safety of cargo carried
  • has final authority (while in command) to control the ship and maintain the discipline of all people onboard
  •  is responsible for compliance with all relevant requirements of the MTA, regulations and maritime rules.

It's important for the safety of everyone onboard, that regular, thorough Crew Training is conducted on all vessels, and done right! SeaLogs now has the ability for you to customise your training list to suit your vessel and operation. 

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