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5 Movies That You Need To Sea

Sealogs electronic logbooks for boats. Film In the Heart Of the Sea

You barely have any time or energy for reading a book or pursuing a hobby in your free time. But if you delegate to the world’s most efficient logbook some of your duties, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, how much free time you could have. So why not to spend it watching some incredibly fascinating movies?

Seafarers usually get very excited when a film has something to do with the sea. Here are 5 fictional movies that depict survival at sea, but each of them puts the whole life at sea aspect into perspective.


1. Life of Pi

We will start, probably, with the most positive and the most beautiful movie, where Irrfan Khan as Pi Patel tries to survive at sea with a Bengal Tiger on the boat after a shipwreck. This film definitely does justice to the book of Yann Martel’s published in 2001. It was nominated for the Academy Awards 11 times and got many accolades. An inspiring quote from this movie is “I suppose in the end, this whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.” Life of Pi is a wonderful life lesson that will make you feel alive as never before and be full of emotions.

And you, sitting on your comfortable sofa with a cup of hot tea, could think: “What if the crew used Sea Logs paperless logbook, they would know for sure the location of their vessel and could be easily found while sinking, as it has a GPS feature for better trip scheduling and enhanced safety…” But it’s time to move to the second film.


2. All Is Lost

This is a movie where the only one actor is Robert Redford, but nevertheless, it is amazing! His acting even doesn’t need many words. And nobody would talk much being on a boat ruptured in the hull. The water messes up his communication equipment, then comes the storm causing his boat capsizing. He is left on his life raft having only basic necessities. The movie grabs your attention as this miserable man tries all his tricks to stay alive.


3. Cast Away

Tom Hanks, starring this movie, was nominated for best actor for this sea related masterpiece. Hanks is playing Chuck Noland, a troubleshooter for FedEx, who has to go to Malaysia for work. His plane crashes in transit in the Pacific. He survives and discovers himself on an uninhabited island. The film narrates about his fascinating survival on the island in the company of a ball that he named Wilson. The movie was shot in Fiji and proves that the human spirit never gives up. It is undoubtedly worth watching.


4. Unbroken

This movie is produced and directed by Angelina Jolie in 2014. Based on a book, it describes the misadventures of Olympian Louis Zamperini (played by Jack O’ Connell) who manages to survive an awful plane crash. He spends 47 days on a raft and then becomes a prisoner of war in a Japanese camp (due to the Pearl Harbour bombings). This a true story about a soldier with an endless will and patriotism.


5. In The Heart Of The Sea

This movie is based on the events that inspired Herman Melville to write a famous novel Moby Dick. The film starts with Herman Melville wanting to know how the whaling ship Essex sank.  The story takes us to Nantucket island of 1820s where the crew of the whaler Essex sets off to catch an albino whale. Its end is amazing: after Herman Melville has heard the whole story, he writes his first legendary line of Moby Dick “Call Me Ishmael”.


Certainly, there are many films of the same genre, depicting the human, trying to survive regardless of nature’s testing circumstances. The five mentioned above should be watched by everybody but especially by non-seafarers to fathom the perils of our unforgiving and at-times rough sea.

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