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4 Ways We Can Repurpose Our Treasured Ferries

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For well over 145 years our world-famous Cook Strait Ferries have been connecting passengers, vehicles and freight between the North and South Islands. 

The Government has just shared it's latest announcement that the tide is turning and soon it will be time to retire the current fleet of our Interislander Ferries, replacing them with two fancy new Ferries! 

The benefit will be that these Ferries will be more advanced in all aspects. They will be rail-enabled, sophisticated with enhanced technology and produce lower carbon emissions! 

After spending their life at sea, battling the wind, waves and environment, each vessel endures around 4,500 trips between Wellington and Picton and combined carry around 800,000 passengers every year! 

Once retired, how could the ferries be reused and 'up-cycled'? 

We're always up for creative thinking at SeaLogs so after some deliberation between the crew, here are the Top Four Ideas:

Dive Wrecks

The Marlborough Sounds is already a Diving hub so why not add a Ferry or two into the mix? One Ferry could rest at home in the Marlborough Sounds and the other Ferry could be laid to rest in Northland, helping boost our Tourism section in both areas. 

Floating City Car Park

Car parking in any city can be challenging... Wellington on an evening when the Hurricanes are playing or a concert at Spark Arena in Auckland... Imagine not having to worry about where to park your car, or tie up your bike... here we have sheltered all-weather parking for the cars underneath, and with an easy drive on/drive-off convenience. 


Picture spending the night on the water. Docked alongside the wharf or anchored out in the harbour, imagine taking in the night sky from the top deck, and being gently rocked to sleep from your own private room. 

Refresh and Reuse

The Ferries may need to be retired from voyaging across the Cook Strait, but that may not mean that that need to be decommissioned, and that's why we believe another great option to repurpose the boats could be to relocate them to another location. Somewhere where there is sheltered waters and wharf access...


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