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The SeaLogs Story

book and penbook sinkinglady bright idea

As a Skipper myself, for years I had been using a paper logbook.

That was until I arrived at the boat one morning and find the logbook submerged in the water.

The previous 6 months worth of information was gone, lost forever! :(

"I wanted a digital logbook, that had a real purpose - and did more than sit on the dashboard of the boat"

We needed a replacement log, so I spent a ton of time researching for a better alternative but struggled to find anything suitable... so I decided to create a new solution - SeaLogs.

SeaLogs has been designed right from the start to do more than just store your information. I have traveled the country, gaining feedback and insight from Industry Experts, different Marine Sectors, and Maritime Professionals.

Your logbook has been stripped bare, then rebuilt so that everything within has a purpose and does something of value!

It's time to change the way you record information, and it's time to make your information work for you!

In union there is strength. SeaLogs has been created out of teamwork, experience and the willingness to work 24 hours a day, to create something exceptional for all to enjoy!

Warmly welcome onboard, it's exciting times cause we're just getting started!



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