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The SeaLogs Story


As a Master myself, for years I had been using a paper logbook...Boat pics from founder, Kylie Tomlin that was until I arrived at the boat one morning to find the paper logbook submerged in the water. Paper was everywhere! The previous 6 months’ worth of information was gone, lost forever! 

We needed a replacement log so I went to work. After a ton of research, travelling the globe, obtaining valuable feedback from Industry Experts, the diverse Marine Sectors, and meeting with Maritime Professionals, SeaLogs was created.

Your traditional paper logbook has been stripped bare, then rebuilt digitally so that everything within has a purpose and does something of value! 

As a Commercial operator, you can skip the dreaded paper trail - we make it quick and easy to connect with your vessels in real-time and ensure that your compliance regulations are being met.

As a Recreational Boatie, you can capture details about each voyage, then report on everything afterwards.

The advantage is being able to harness your information. Turning your logbook into a valuable key insight that is a tool to utilise and grow your business like never before! 

Today the Crew at SeaLogs comprises of passionate seafarers, sailors, recreational and commercial boaties from all around the globe! Together, we aim to create a logging and fleet solution to capture all your seafarer and boating needs! 

Warmly welcome onboard, we're excited to have you join us on this digital voyage! 

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